Environmentalist Bill McKibben on national security implications of climate change

In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell interviews author and environmentalist Bill McKibben about the national security implications of climate change, including how current trends, if unchecked, could lead to future catastrophes. McKibben explains why taking certain actions immediately and for the next ten years is crucial in order to forestall mass migrations, crop shortages and deadly droughts. He shares his views on the troubling parallels between climate change and certain accelerating technologies like genetic modification. 


“because it sounds right”

Once in a while I think about how people learn. Being an explorer I enjoy continual learning through exploration. It’s one of the reasons I really enjoy R&D projects. But friends and I have talked over the years about why some people don’t seem as analytical, or perhaps – creative – in their thinking. I know for myself my mind will sometimes light up with a bunch of different views of what I’m processing, but I’ve never really understood “the why” of this.

As I’ve been getting older (hey, I’m 42 this year!), I’ve also been remembering experiences that were otherwise shelved into some deep filing cabinets. Today I remembered two:

  1. Finding the Code Red Worm
  2. How I used to annoy my english teachers

In the case of English class, “why” was usually “because it sounds right”. Never a good answer.

Code red was the same. “How did you know it was a worm?”. “Because it looked like one”.

I guess sometimes you just know.

Or don’t.